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Glutes Only Workout, Meal Tips & Ideas

A glute only workout I did that left me hurting! A few meal ideas for your meal prep! 😉 CLICK BELOW FOR DISCOUNTS AND LINKS! FOLLOW ME!!! Instagram: @hunnybunsfit @jenhewardfit @hbfcollection FB – Jen...


Full Body Workout for MEN & WOMEN – #BBSummer Beginners Fat Loss – BeerBiceps Gym

The only Full Body FAT LOSS workout you’ll ever need. Circuit training workouts have never been so much fun! Written Version : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1U9y7V9uR_owCl9LZ6d4yWVe1lNQS3d1b3nPkTjuO6Pg/edit?usp=sharing Beginners workout series : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSVHo0Nfz2I&list=PLfNW_1ECVaTgLbzFV0_Kae8TuDLVQ0uLk&index=6 Finally coming out with my follow...


Heavy Leg Workout

CLICK BELOW FOR MORE STUFF!!! Song in Video “Emirate” by Sikdope FOLLOW ME!!! Instagram: @hunnybunsfit @jenhewardfit @hbfcollection FB – Jen Heward Snapchat – jenheward Twitter – @hunnybunsfit Train with my on your phone! I...