Brutal Butt & Thigh Workout – 30 Minute Lower Body Sculpting – Drop it Like a Squat!

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38 Responses

  1. I've only started working out for 2 weeks and I'm new to all of this. my question is does this make your butt bigger? any tips on how to improve body shape? thanks

  2. i didnt feel that much burn in my butt or thighs until i dead jump squats… i probaly need heavier weights or im doing it wrong but i did get a good sweat

  3. A. Cha'vz says:

    Thank you! This was awesome!

  4. Maria Mesas says:

    I like this format! Thanks so much!

  5. first video i ever followed thru with until the end

  6. Katie Seman says:

    So I did this video today, and I wasn't feeling very sore by the time I got to the cool down and stretch, so I decided to add 20 lunges and 20 Bulgarian split squats. 12 hours later, and I can barely walk. I can tell I'm going to be extremely sore tomorrow. Will use this one often!

  7. amy hector says:

    after a complete lifestyle change and 40 lbs weight loss, I got lazy–started eating bad and exercising less…Today I got back "on the wagon". Thanks to you both for being there when it's time to get back on track!!!

  8. omg I love this workout, I started to feel it the next day.

  9. Amanda Cantu says:

    Yasssss this workout is amazing!!!! 😁👍

  10. I am doing this workout every two day (for about 4 weeks) – it is working – my cellulite is much less visible and my butt shape is better :) I love workouts from Fitness Blender Regards from Poland

  11. Hey Kelli just did that one but with only 1KG dumble :( the only one I have at home, do you think it's effective?
    P.S. I'm trying to lose and tone my Butt not build it though.

  12. LOVE your channel you guys! I have a hard time with the curtsy lunges. Hope traditional lunges will do for this exercise!! its incredible. I would avoid strength training so much and only ever focused on cardio. your videos and sincerity have really helped changed the way i think about exercising! THANK YOU so so much

  13. Great workout, thank you.

  14. anjali says:

    How often is this exercise recommended?

  15. I have trouble feeling the burn with deadlifts, and it seems to strain my back. I have scoliosis so I have to be a little more careful. My form must be off but I can't figure out what exactly it is

  16. Noldy says:

    I really hate lower body workouts lol. Did 6 reps but with heavier weights. Plus I only did the first 3 groups cause it started to feel way too long lol. I had done a 15 minute HIIT before this so that's why it feels that way cause I'm used to 30-40min workouts. Workout incomplete 05.04.2017 – 5.49am.

  17. Karina B says:

    this work out killed me! (BUT I LOVE IT)

  18. Roxy Con says:

    I need a video that will show me how to gain a body I'm painfully skinny no curves at all . I'm working on my glutes doing several variations of squats with a 5lb weight in each hand. I am also drinking a protein drink afterwards. Any advice anyone??

  19. Love deadlifts AND squats, so loving this variation. Thank you!

  20. What a gem to find this video. I've saved it in my favorites. If I like it after I try all these myself then I'll be liking more of your videos as well. Thank you for showing and posting .
    This makes it much easier than going to the gym .

  21. my knee started to hurt when i did the dead lift with toes out ;c Must have done it wrong when i started

  22. Aka E says:

    Looks Good!!!

  23. tams121 says:

    I am pretty out of shape (5'2 170 lbs), so i know i need low weights. but all i have are 5 lb dumbells and i dont think that is enough for me, the dead lifts are pretty easy. am I going to get stronger and lose weight if I am only lifting 10 lbs total??

  24. linhduhxn says:

    just did this workout. I recommend for people who are just starting to workout, and for people who are just getting back into working out. Use a weight that is good for you, not to light but not to heavy either. This workout got me sweating a lot and I am not the type to sweat a lot. I usually do an ab or arm workout, before or after this.

  25. Sanzy Me says:

    WOW ..great workout.Hi from România Kelly

  26. Sasha Acosta says:

    My legs are shaking

  27. if i do this exercise in morning then can i do your other exercise at evening?plz tell

  28. Grace El says:

    I have a question about the dumbbell weight. When it says 30 pounds in total, does it mean 30 on each Hand or 15?

  29. Donovan E says:

    How do you prevent lower back pain in lower body exercises with weights?

  30. Traci Barr says:

    This was an awesome workout! It was my first time and I started with a low weight but this is so doable for me and I'm excited to see progress and work up my weight… hoping for an amazing booty! My question for uou is this… I'm a little overweight and trying to lose belly fat but at the same time build lower area… can you comment about food and calorie intake requirements… thx

  31. Awesome squat workout! Gets me every time! 👍🏻

  32. Nerim Dema says:

    my back hurts after this…??

  33. Thank you so much ! This is the only channel I workout with. A healthy diet along with these amazing workouts will get you the body you desire. I am a living witness

  34. memories says:

    Do u train with the same pace when u workout alone? Should we go faster or not healthy to do so?

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