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  1. Is there any other option I can do for the lower ab exercises? I'm finding that it is putting a strain on my already injured back…any help would be appreciated b/c I love your videos and do at Arms, Thighs, and Abs EVERYDAY! :)

  2. I managed! what a workout

  3. just started doing this and already feeling the differents

  4. gomamon15 says:

    For the V crunches and leg lifts it is my lower back that feels the pain not my abdominal muscles… why is that?

  5. Cami Chi says:

    I lost two pounds

  6. akram vologs says:

    i done the work out all of it and i am 8

  7. i went through all of it now i have a 6 pack i did it a couple times

  8. 死ぬかと思った

  9. 박봉영 says:

    When she said "cuz i'm gonna" I only lolololololi

  10. 박봉영 says:

    She's quite an energizer. doesn't get exausted. see?

  11. this video saved me from obesity 😄

  12. neonlace says:

    This is my favorite ab routine! I've been doing this about 2-3x a week in combination with the gym for the past 2 months and I can absolutely see a difference. Thank you, Xhit! <3

  13. Ab Boe says:

    I have been following Rebecca's ab videos for a long time and this is still one of my favorite videos that always works the best!

  14. P. T says:

    only one and one word WTF how do you do this rebbeca i just am in the wow face right now and in the im done with the workout so yay me 😂😂😂 thx ill be telling u all about my journey lol if u agree then u know what to do put a beautiful like😂😂😂

  15. With your legs resting in that upward position means you'll get nothing done and no new muscle. You want your legs as close to the ground as possible when doing flutter kicks and things of that nature.

  16. dana mc says:

    starting to do this on 3rd april 2017
    currently weigh 45.2kg
    going to do this every morning and night
    i'll try to update you every week

  17. i have been trying to do three hundred crunches a day while doing whats on the video, drink lots of water and cut down on some of my sweets we'll see if it works :3

  18. Trinity Nash says:

    I got through it rebbeca I am only 11 but I want to have a great body as of through my whole life and when I found XHIt it really helped

  19. i started doing your five minute abs two weeks ago first day doing this one man it was hard needed to catch mt breath twice but got through to the end thank you

  20. I cant do side planks. I cant hold myself up. Is there anything I can do to work up to being able to do them?

  21. Jessica Lee says:

    I can get through the 10! But I'm having lower back pains during some of the moves. My back doesn't come off the ground and even in mountain climbers it gets tense on each side of my lower back. Help!

  22. Toastluv 3 says:

    I'm typing this from the floor I can't get up 😂😭

  23. Aman Singh says:

    Just wana say "thanks" u r awsome!!!

  24. I've been doing this with my daughter for several weeks now and I really see the improvement!! My abs are stronger, my stomach is flatter and every time this workout gets easier and easier. Thank you Rebecca!!! 😀

  25. Liza M says:

    Thank you rebecca louise. this workout always makes me happy <3

  26. how is she so inspiring and cheerful while undergoing all that pain

  27. I'm very impressed with myself wow

  28. I felt so betrayed when she said "Russian planks in 3, 2, 1: I LIED" 😂😂😂😒

  29. Cosmic Mind says:

    Just did this before and after a a mile run! 😀💧💦💧💦

  30. HeyImLauren says:

    I've just finished now and it's a Monday, it's the 11th of December and I'm gonna (try) do it every morning and night until Christmas, WISH ME LUCK I will update Christmas Day!

  31. Thank you for this! Really felt it, hope I can keep it up :)

  32. Yulia Dygert says:

    10min completed ..thank you!!!! you rock!

  33. Odessa Yip says:

    I got through this whole thing and I'm only ten years old! Thanks XHIT!🤗

  34. Sherry A says:

    I feel alive..thank you for cheering us along❣️

  35. thanks.
    greetings from Turkey

  36. actually I depends on food also 30 % training and 70%foos to get abs

  37. Amy U says:

    I saw results in 3 days!!! Not huge ones of corse actually getting abs takes a lot more time but I'm shocked at how fast it started to work. All I do is cardio everyday for 20-30 minuets and then this, il update in a moth

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