13-Minute Total Body Workout with Dumbbells / Strength Training for Women 80-130 Calories

Grab a pair of 4-10 pound dumbbells and work for the figure you want with this at home full body workout! Address those problem areas – abs, butt, legs, and more! This is a routine for weight loss.

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45 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for this workout video. I have been doing it for a few days now and it gives me a great workout in less time.

  2. jenngjones24 says:

    Just what I needed! Thanks!

  3. Lina L says:

    Don't let her fool you I was tired as hell 3 minutes in. Great workout

  4. how much wait we should carry in dumbell

  5. I want to be a wrestler so I'm trying to get in shape

  6. I only watched this to look at her bobs and but

  7. I'll try your tutorial , and let's see how works it is for me. Nice to see you :)

  8. ASAP rocky says:

    to easy 3 pounds is nothing ,try this with 20kg that's a good exercise

  9. this workout made me sweat a lot, thank you! Was there an exercise for the waist?

  10. Fantastic workout! Simple, short but EFFECTIVE. The time went quickly!

    I was looking for something exactly like this to do on alternate days or when I am not able to get outside. Thanks a million!

  11. Aliaz Zaza says:

    Exactly what I needed. Thank you.

  12. mj de leon says:

    i will try this 😍

  13. so this will help you not only lose weight but tone up as well?and it's a full body workout?

  14. Marwa Sa says:

    thank you .. whats the good weight for dumbbells .. I am a woman / 31 years

  15. Thank you. I feel great and it isn't too hard to do on a regular basis.

  16. 👋👋👋👍👌❤

  17. Ibiso Oyibo says:

    finally got off my butt and did a workout. Thanks for this.

  18. Should two sets be done daily, or should you do it 3 x week like most strength training? Thank you.

  19. Claire Muzz says:

    this is a great workout! i have a question though, I'm skinny fat, any recommendations for workout plans? thanks so much!!!

  20. Very good workout. Thank you very much, had me sweating by the end.

  21. Ed Freeman says:

    I feel quite a strong urge to push her into the pool – even though she is cute and I like her! :) Good workout though.

  22. MumInspire says:

    Thanks for this video. Its helped me achieve my ideal weight. Its easy and short and can be easily done by anyone with a busy lifestyle. Good stuff, thanks : )

  23. Mi Sook Kim says:

    Short but very effective! Good with walking workout.
    Thank you for uploading ^^

  24. Ruvim says:

    love this ! thank you

  25. I love this work out so much!! I'm trying to get it completely good so I can increase weight !!

  26. Melz vB says:

    Amazing workout I use it daily

  27. Awesome workout thank you!

  28. Super great workout!

  29. tameka white says:

    totally enjoyed this mini kickbutt workout, its nice warmup for the day

  30. Nilab Tayeb says:

    Can someone tell me does it help me to lose weight? If yes so how many sets do i have to do ! I mean 30 minutes would be good every day?

  31. Jasmin Li says:

    Thank you for this workout video, it is helping me really burn off those fats

  32. How light is too light for this to be effective? What range of weights should I use?

  33. Xd my mom thought I was chocking in my room, she walked in when the lady said "…and toning our butts…"

  34. My 5lb dumb bells were killing me but soo worth it. Thank you!

  35. Is 3kg in both hands too heavy for a beginner of this routine?

  36. Can anybody answer this question – can this workout help tone anything up – like arms? I don't want to build muscle or lose weight (accept off the waist a little) but would like to tone up :)

  37. illy Yi says:

    that's really great full body

  38. MJD Qureshi says:

    I'm doing this almost daily. thank you

  39. Rose Green says:

    I love this workout; it's tougher than it looks. I was sweaty by cooldown.

  40. Is it okay to do this once a week (other days other videos)

  41. drexy venus says:

    I sweat a lot in this workout,for my first trial!thanks very mucho! <3

  42. OML i ALMOST DIED!!!! I COULD FEEL THE BURNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN 😀 tthanks for helping tone dem muscles.

  43. Eden Dingal says:

    been doing this for 3 weeks! i'd say newbie friendly and really got me sweating after

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