5 Min Beginner Ab Workout for Women & Men – HASfit Easy Core Exercises – Easy Ab Workouts – Easy Abs

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45 Responses

  1. hi m8 says:

    How long will this take to start seeing a change?

  2. Hi, I've been doing your ab routine twice a week for 2 weeks now.
    The first time I really felt it burning but now I barely feel it anymore…
    I don't think I'm doing the exercises incorrectly, so is it necassily to feel the burn ?

  3. Paul Hobbs says:

    Awesome video. Just what I needed. Thank you!

  4. love coach's instruction. wouldn't and couldn't do this without him

  5. Autumn Leaf says:

    Thank you very much! This is exactly what I am looking for!!!

  6. I got my neck strained from this :( Obviously I am doing something wrong but I don't know how to prevent it

  7. YASSIN NOOS says:

    thank u so much about this

  8. thanks great work out !

  9. people dislike it cause they to lazy not to do it

  10. thanks buddy! love the motivational phrases!

  11. this is just what I was looking for as a beginner… I have a lot of fat on my midsection.. I'm combining this with 30 mins of cardio everyday!

  12. PinkzPearlz says:

    This is simply amazing. So easy and helpful. I feel the burn! This has been added to my daily workout along with 3 other videos of yours. Thank you so much. I feel so confident.

  13. This has gotten several thousand views since the first time I've watched it.

  14. i have a problem,when i do those workouts in the morning,i get tired and sleepy throught the day in the office,what should i do?

  15. if I make this workout two time in the morning and night is my abs are going to shape faster or is not making any diffrence. sorry for my english.

  16. How many calories does this burn? Great workout!

  17. Serenity S says:

    very helpful thanks

  18. this is the first youtube workout I've completed since stopping exersice 4 years okay, I feel so proud of myself and I can't wait to build myself up! thank you for doing what you do so well

  19. Freya Love says:

    I love Coach Kozak. He shows you to do the right way.

  20. Excel says:

    your voice is not clear due to the echo in the room

  21. will this give a correct form? o.O

  22. Super easy and awesome im a 12 year old kid thats very busy for school and the weekends and breaks all i got and i want to be fit so this really helps THANK YOU👌👍✌👊💪

  23. I remember I found an ab workout for girls on YouTube and I literally got abs after 7 days and I can't find it but hopefully this will help

  24. ShannyP26 says:

    I really liked this, I have a neuromuscular disorder and I really need to start getting my heart going and muscles working again. It was thought for me, but as you said I'm sure it will get easier each time. Thank you!

  25. Amazing workout!  Great for all levels and phases of exercises.  Thank you Coach!

  26. Is this workout too much for a 58 year old to be doing everyday?

  27. Added to my daily workout, really easy to follow thanks

  28. super easy and effective no excuses 4 lazy ppl like me.. 😉

  29. Thanks HASfit you really helped me

  30. how many reps should we do ??

  31. AiGalaxyS says:

    Wow! glad I'd found this video, much easier for me and better than the other harder ones. thanks!

  32. Dragos Dita says:

    5 min every day or more times on one day ? 
    THANKS4 this id. !

  33. Leo theLion says:

    Thanks….for the ideas.

  34. Slava Litvin says:

    hi there people I finally reached the point where my lower abs are showing!! see my last video i have the way and some proof!

  35. Lutterfly2 says:

    Sooo, how often do you recommend I do this per week? Each day? Or 3/4 times a week and back exercises every other day?

  36. Othniel1980 says:

    I really felt the burn doing this. Looks like I've got a new daily ab workout. Thanks, HasFit.

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