17 Min Upper Body Workout for Women & Men at Home with Dumbbells – Chest and Back Workout w/ Weights

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43 Responses

  1. EVAN Mannon says:

    I like your 17 minute workout that was awesome

  2. Sandy Garcia says:

    This was great! Ty

  3. Lovey636 says:

    Great workout!!!

  4. Great workout routine! You two are really nice! See you tomorrow for next workout! :-)

  5. EVAN Mannon says:

    I haven't been exercising in a while it's nice to get back😀👊

  6. Syed Hassaan says:

    u guys are the best , can u guys make a video on serratus muscle building and outer chest.

  7. georgi iliev says:

    Hi Coach,

    I would like to know with how much weight is Claudia training on this video?

    Thank you in advance!

  8. I love coach Kozak and Claudia especially their words of encouragement to keep going and not give up. It really helps. Thank you both!!! Can you suggest which dumbbell exercises is best to lose arm fat?

  9. E Leung says:

    thank you for brilliant workout, keep going!

  10. Kelly Davis says:

    Tried this one after doing the beginner arms for a few weeks. WOW!

  11. Excellent workout! Serious workout.
    Thanks for challenging me and not insulting me. :)

  12. I had to give my legs a break from yesterdays 30 minute HIIT workout. My arms are on fire. Thank you!!!!

  13. M Naab says:

    This was a great find.

  14. Debra Hewitt says:

    Awesome workout, feeling the burn.

  15. D Clark says:

    Is there a reason for coach using a light amount of weight through the work out . some of us use more to make sure the muscles get tire out . I know form is important

  16. Loving these HASFIT videos; 3 weeks in and I'm amazed at the results I'm getting.
    With thanks from Paul in London, UK

  17. This is so awesome! I totally loved working out with you guys! I like how yall keep it real you know. Sometimes you see some workout coaches so ahead of you and yes they do motivate but at the end they don't say certain phrases you guys did to keep me going. I subscribed today! looking forward for more workout videos!

  18. How heavy were the weights Coach Kozak was using?

  19. I am a new joiner of your bicep and tricep work outs. please tell me how often do i have to do these work outs to get best results. weekly how many times. thanks guys waiting for a response.

  20. helenmalaine says:

    Thank you, loved this 💪

  21. MonBela Caz says:

    Hey coach🤗 sooo I been working out but always stop then come back. I just can't keep up 😣 Any way question: I program my self in a week working out 3x leg and glute and 3x arms and abs but before getting in to that I do your 10 min cardio vids, it's that okay or is it too much? I mean I feel great you know but I know that by doing too much maybe I stress my body out and that may be a reason why I stop after a month of doing such great job.

  22. Peuww my triceps are burning!! Thank you for an awesome work out 💪

  23. Susie Hill says:

    Dang… I felt the burn with 2lb dumbbells & had to call on Jesus to power through!!! looking forward to graduating to 5lb bells soon #hasfit 😃

  24. nour mostafa says:

    yes!! finally an exercise for just firming up the flubber in the arm … i don't want no chest exercise just some toning for the arms 😉 got it finally

  25. Susie Hill says:

    I had a broken collarbone in 2015, I wonder, will it be ok to do Claudia's modified workout?

  26. Joy M says:

    Yes i do like it!!!

  27. Ronin Nexo says:

    you guys are the best!!

  28. Great upper body workout for my tri training

  29. Deborah Lora says:

    Ouch, just what I was looking for. Thanks Coach and Claudia!

  30. Olivia C says:

    first workout from you guys..love it! will try a lower body tomorrow

  31. thumbs up for the new look and feel coach

  32. Iago Souza says:

    Motive Month 2, Day 7: ✔ AAHH! The burn feels good!!🔥🔥🔥

  33. Cloud Farron says:

    Loved this! It was funny right as one my arms was about to sink one of the don't quit moments came up and it helped me finish without stopping!!

  34. tarothea says:

    This. Was. A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

  35. I felt that….Great arm exercises with great form. How long should one do this exercise….meaning by how many weeks? Until you change to the next exercise.

  36. 7:57 "Hope you at home like it."

    I don't like it…. I love it 😉

  37. Did a search on dumbbell workouts since that's about all I have at home. Didn't expect this work out to be so intense. Thank you guys! I was barely able to type this up after.

  38. i like has fit because you have personality, verve and because you dress the way you do. call me old fashioned, but I like my instructors with personality and clothes

  39. His wife is adorable!

  40. is this for biceps too?

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