Flat Belly 4 Week Plan πŸ“– πŸ‘™ http://bit.ly/2q1CBQG
Ab exercises that help to tone up your tummy and draw in your waist. This home workout for women has 12 different abdominal and oblique toning exercises.

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35 Responses

  1. Awesome! Thanks, Lucy!

  2. Definitely adding this to my playlist of fav ab routines! Thanks Lucy!!!

  3. i am in love with this channel…workouts present here are all really effective…and refreshing…i usually end up getting exhausted and seeing no results..but Lucy you have such amazing and worth time investing workouts..love yaaa😘😘

  4. Is this workout safe for someone with diastasis recti?

  5. Anastasia K says:

    Loved this! Thank you. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ’•πŸ‘Ÿ

  6. Just what I was looking for! Thanks, Lucy!

  7. Lucy! Thank you for another wonderfully, challenging workout. Am I supposed to do the same amount of reps on each side totalling the number of reps you recommend for each move?

  8. How many times a week should you be doing these exercises??

  9. hunny blush says:

    Brilliant, powered through it

  10. zubiya khan says:

    Hey lucy, you are doing an amazing job. I am currently doing your walking and toning inch loss video along with a 15 minutes hiit which mentions 211 calories burning. I wanted to ask you if i continue with this, then do you recommend i do your monthly calenders video just once or more to get results soon?

    also i have 2 request:
    1. Please do a video on hips and bra bulge . I have major ones
    2. If you could please specify average calories burnt.

    Thanks a lot

  11. Hi Lucy. It's A month that I do your exercises every day and I lost 2 cm from my arms, 1 cm from my waist and 1 cm from my thights even thought my weight hasn't change. I'm very happy. Thank you.

  12. Bea Freitas says:

    Lucy, as always, I love your video and your workouts! In fact, I love your workouts so much that this month I'm sharing them every Monday on my blog!!

  13. _T_o_ r_i_ says:

    Sorry this is probably a silly question but I'm a beginner how to put your belly button to your spine do u just breath in xxx????

  14. I needed this exercise

  15. Lucy, are these exercises suitable to do with a diastasis?

  16. Right now I am doing your arm( 8 min), thigh (5 min), walking (15 min) and have started your january challenge. My question is how should I plan my workouts ..I mean you upload so my videos, is it ok if I switch and try different workouts every week? Hiw long I should stick to one workout to get the results? If possible please make a video on this topic..thanks:)

  17. Hey Hi Lucyy! Firstly a biggg thank you for your awesome workouts..I am really enjoying it, more importantly I am gradually making working out as a part of my daily routine, all thank to u.Hope will soon see the results.lLots of love n best wishes!!:))

  18. Lucy today was a good workout for me my abs are really responding to this workout. thanks

  19. hey I miss u 😊 can i do this for belly fat also ? can wait for July 😘

  20. Kathi Haugen says:

    Great workout! Thank you!!

  21. definitely felt this one!thanks ms. lucy!πŸ’•just want to ask if i have to do ab exercises everyday or should i give my ab muscles a rest on alternate days?thanks again!πŸ’—

  22. Jennifer says:

    Literally one of the best ab workouts i have done in ages, you keep me motivated!

  23. I am new to #LucysSquad and just want to say thank you for all the motivation and support – i think thats possibly the most important thing when trying to get fit and you are so lovely and supportive it makes working out more fun xx

  24. maham john says:

    It would be better if you do standing Abs workout

  25. Could you please do a video for cheek n neck fat please

  26. Lucy, your spectacular.

  27. This felt so good! I am trying to do at least one of your videos every day! <3

  28. Lori Hensel says:

    πŸ˜βœ…#DONE So glad to have you back for a video. I have been doing old videos since the May challenge ended which is fine but I love seeing a new one. It is 'almost' like you came over to my house for a training session. πŸ˜… I hope you are enjoying June, I am.

  29. saba naaz says:

    Ohhh thnkkkkk UUUUUUU sooooo much Lucy….. For sharing this…. Definitely I'm going to this….. Love ur all videos…. Love from my side πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’–

  30. I just followed all the moves…quite good. thanks

  31. Xenia B says:

    Dear Lucy,
    I have a very urgent question: everytime I'm doing floor based ab moves, as in this video where I have to work with my back, I am getting really bad pain in my back.. Am I doing anything wrong?
    Lots of love from Vienna!

  32. I'm going to do this right now ☺😘

  33. Was missing u❀️
    Was doing the January challenge
    Awesome πŸ‘πŸ»
    Thanks for all the good work u r doing for usβ€οΈπŸ˜˜πŸ’‹

  34. okay I'm going to try this today ! thankyou !! πŸ’“

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