For this very special Wonder Wednesday, Michelle joins me in trying one of Gal Gadot’s workouts that got her ready for the new Wonder Woman film. It. Was. Tough.
Give it a try and share you efforts with me using #jackedlikejordan!

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5 min Easy Row
5 min Row Interval
10 sec sprint, 50 sec easy pace

30 meter bear crawl
30 meter backward bear crawl
30 meter burpee broad jump
30 meter crab walk
30 meter burpee broad jump

7 x 3 pull-ups
5 x 3 ring push-ups

Barbell Complex (with axle bar)
Romanian Deadlift + Bent Over Row + Reverse Curl + Push Press + Squat
1 x 5 @ 33%
1 x 5 @ 43%
4 x 5 @ 53%
4 x 3 @ 63%

5 min light Med Ball throw


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22 Responses

  1. watch the percentage thing mean during the barbell complex exercises?

  2. When they quit buzzfeed just to make the same type of video buzzfeed does.

  3. ploop plop says:

    2:30 they are coming to eat my soul

  4. Jelliebe says:

    Your bear crawl is done wrong

  5. Hazel :P says:

    When they were rowing and said it would be a good arm workout I almost barfed. I'm on a rowing team

  6. clarasmith says:

    You guys should contact a crew for rowing from wherever you live. It would be really cool to see you guys try the sport or take a learn to row, if you like deadlifting its alot like that, it would make an awesome video!!

  7. I've already seen the movie twice since it came out. Definitely the best DC's done, and I was really happy with Gal and Wonder Woman in general. I really wanna get in shape like Gal did but when you have a college student budget and have been a but neglectful in your gym days… baby steps 😅😓 Jordan and Michelle you killed it tho👏👏

  8. Dr says:

    they look in bad shape and gadot is a fucking stick of a woman

  9. mama bear 15 says:

    Thank you for this video I want to try the work out but did not know what it meant now that I see it you gals doing it its intense and wonder woman certified.

  10. Pakou Yang says:

    seems like is more of arm workout lol

  11. I watched the new Wonder Woman movie and Gal Gadot looked great as the Amazon! You ladies did a very nice job with her workout. Clearly in good shape going into it. I would be out fast. My leg strength is good, but upper body not so much.

  12. Mad props girls that was brilliant!

  13. Axel says:

    they leave buzzfeed to do buzzdeed things

  14. lana powers says:

    Wonder Woman sucked most cliched movie I've ever seen 0/10 would not recommend

  15. This is one of those workouts you get yourself all pumped up for convincing yourself you will start doing this every day…then you do it once and can't walk for a week and literally never do ever again.

  16. Mau O.V says:

    When she said that they needed to do it 9 more times I thought she meant like the whole workout and I got so shocked😂😂

  17. Loving the arm pump post workout 💪 Nice

  18. Seraph311 says:

    Oh wow you found an actual amazon to be in the background.

  19. both of you got amazing arms 😍

  20. Yo Michelle gettin more ripped by the video lol

  21. Jordan, you aight n all. But I came here for Michelle.

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