All-Around Sexy Arms Workout | Katie Chung Hua

Want a toned set of arms, but don’t always have extra time for the gym? Get results on the double with this all-in-one workout that targets your shoulders, biceps, and triceps!
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A great, effective workout doesn’t have to take all day. In fact, it shouldn’t! Make the most of your time in the gym with my all-around arm workout. You’ll build strong, toned triceps, biceps, and shoulders in no time!

This workout targets your arms and delts with four giant sets—groups of exercise done one after another with minimal rest. This approach will keep your heart rate elevated and guarantee that you leave the gym tired, sweaty, and knowing you did the most with your valuable time.

If you’re already following a program, but want to work more on your arms and shoulders, you can add this workout as an extra day—provided you don’t train arms two days in a row, that is. Or, if you’re just focusing on arm and shoulder development, you can do this workout twice a week, provided it jives with your other training goals.

Every exercise in this session calls for 15-20 reps. Keep your intensity up for every set. The last 5 reps of each lift are the most difficult, but that’s where results are achieved! Make sure you’re really pushing yourself and working until failure. After all, in lifting, as in life, you’ll only get as much as you put in.


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21 Responses

  1. she is so hot and sexy

  2. Claudia H says:

    thank you Katie!!

  3. aywancfc says:

    You see a lovely lean looking woman like Katie and she gets comments like, 'why bother lifting with such light weights..what good arms?" Switch over to a woman who has built up some more muscle and people be like," ugh too muscly for a woman.." I mean goddamn. Do we ever stop judging????

  4. great workout in my arms and shoulders. I increased the weight to 15-25 lbs depending on the exercise.

  5. Zhana Cox says:

    I would use the first exercise just to activate the arms. And everything else go heavy. I'm going back to the gym after I recover from surgery and would like to build my strength again

  6. Athelstan says:

    This woman is doing too many exercises. Cut the number of exercises in half and double the weight and you'll be better off.

  7. graveskull34 says:

    if those are giant sets then she shouldn't be able to talk mid work out. maybe i prefer instructional workouts with the person really doing the actual workout set.

  8. 209sub0 says:

    honestly I came for her. thats it

  9. Joao Correia says:

    the hardest part of this workout was at 1:56 to 1:58

  10. She's so beautiful!

  11. Triceps says:


  12. her nails arent even ready for gym

  13. Oscar Arce says:

    she got a nice body and everything, but damn she's fucking weak

  14. Matt Payne says:

    Curls, extensions, front raises… I like those. One exercise into another.

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